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This is part of a piece I’ve been working on recently. Right now, it’s just titled “Witches,” but as I figure out where everything is going, that will change. I’ve been researching witches lately and have wanted to create a little magic of my own. It’s a topic that I’ve always been interested in and I can’t wait to see where it will go. I’m no expert, and I know that I may not get things precisely right, even with my research. However, if other writers are going to change some of the rules on things, I can do that too.

It will be about a power source that comes into this family of witches that is entirely unexpected. It’s a power that goes beyond what they know and the knowledge they’ve been passing down for generations. In this scene, they’ve witnessed something they can’t explain and are needing to use their collective abilities to put it to an end before their homes become at risk.

I’m hoping to continue with this story, and will continue to post snippets of it here to share with everyone.

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